Garden Party Aftermath

The product of not only letting myself get carried away by inspiration, but actually acting on it.







Folk is in the aire

We Became Owls @ Rickshaw Stop, SF

We Became Owls @ Rickshaw Stop, SF

It must be fate that I stumble upon Oakland’s own folk band in the midst of the dark witty folk-centric Coen Brothers movie debut, Inside Llewyn Davis.

I discovered We Became Owls┬áduring my three month stint bartending at a local cafe slash indie music venue. It wasn’t We Became Owls so much as a one man acoustic stomp performance. Intriguing, I know. It was impressive and beautiful. Andrew Blair got on stage and simply said “my band abandoned me tonight.” I thought it pretty kick ass of him to rock the stage regardless. Of course his band didn’t technically abandon him, the other members have 9 to 5’s or family to attend to and let’s face it, performing at a cafe probably wasn’t at the top of their list. Lucky for me, We Became Owls is playing my favorite SF venue tonight @RickshawStop. Looking forward to experiencing the full band at an intimate venue.

Reminiscing about my first Kev Choice show

"Dual Realities" #repost from Kev Choice by photographer Ksj Pix

“Dual Realities” #repost from Kev Choice by photographer Ksj Pix

The first time I saw Kev Choice perform, the show started late, the projector that was supposed to show his new music video malfunctioned, and the wires couldn’t connect his beloved keys to the house. It was the most electrifying performance I had ever seen. Kev Choice is so passionate about music, you can’t stop him with a few technical difficulties. Nothing went as planned, but there was a mic, a stage, and his incredible sound and musical vision.

Now imagine what he can do with a full set of strings, a talented band, and Yoshi’s ambiance. I am not missing tomorrow’s show. Neither should you.

Weekend Wanderings #3


Trappist Provisions in Oakland: Endless interesting bottles to choose from

Tasty provisions in Rockridge

Not four days before 2013, Oakland’s purveyor of fine Belgium beer opened a second lovely location in Rockridge. Trappist Provisions is a simple place furnished with picnic like tables and stacked with lots of exciting beers. I’m used to low lit funky beer bars, but my friend, Cicerone Sayre Piotrkowski pointed out that Trappist Provisions is very much in the aesthetic tradition of a local pub you’d stumble upon in the Flemish land: narrow, simple, all about the beer.

I tasted the slowly poured “Band of Brothers” from Brasserie De La Senne. It was the best beer I’d tried in while. This would easily join my rotation of staple beers along side my favorites “Death and Taxes” from Moonlight Brewery and Arend Tripel. Cicerone Sayre geeked out about the “Fou’ Foune” from Brasserie Cantillion on tap. I can’t remember the details about what makes this a precious pour, but after it aired a bit, it was sweet and lovely to drink.

I recommend stopping by Trappist Provisions…
…before dinner next door at Wood Tavern
…to catch your breath in between errands up and down College Ave
…on your way to a party to pick up an interesting and impressive bottle for your hosts.


Weekend Wanderings #1

Cerrudi Winery in Jack London Square, Oakland

Cerruti Cellars in Jack London Square, Oakland

The best thing about living in the Bay Area is the perpetual feeling of discovery. Since I’m keen to public transpo, most of my discovery comes along by foot. San Francisco itself has been called the most “walk-able” big city. My Weekend Wanderings series will document my wandering about the Town and City in pursuit of random inspiration and fun.

Weekend Wandering #1

My first weekend wandering discovered some amazing spots in Jack London Square, Oakland. First I brunched at new-bee Mexican restaurant Nido. Offering organic horchata, chilaquiles, and flavorful pork chops, I gladly co-sign on Nido’s brunch and dinner. Next I walked over to Cerruti Cellars that sits right on the tracks of Jack London Square which sets a “Stand by Me” mood. The space is lovely, a unique venue for a private event.


Rustic backdrop :: Hat by local designer Lendesigns :: scarf at Common in Oakland