Reminiscing about my first Kev Choice show

"Dual Realities" #repost from Kev Choice by photographer Ksj Pix

“Dual Realities” #repost from Kev Choice by photographer Ksj Pix

The first time I saw Kev Choice perform, the show started late, the projector that was supposed to show his new music video malfunctioned, and the wires couldn’t connect his beloved keys to the house. It was the most electrifying performance I had ever seen. Kev Choice is so passionate about music, you can’t stop him with a few technical difficulties. Nothing went as planned, but there was a mic, a stage, and his incredible sound and musical vision.

Now imagine what he can do with a full set of strings, a talented band, and Yoshi’s ambiance. I am not missing tomorrow’s show. Neither should you.