Folk is in the aire

We Became Owls @ Rickshaw Stop, SF

We Became Owls @ Rickshaw Stop, SF

It must be fate that I stumble upon Oakland’s own folk band in the midst of the dark witty folk-centric Coen Brothers movie debut, Inside Llewyn Davis.

I discovered We Became Owls during my three month stint bartending at a local cafe slash indie music venue. It wasn’t We Became Owls so much as a one man acoustic stomp performance. Intriguing, I know. It was impressive and beautiful. Andrew Blair got on stage and simply said “my band abandoned me tonight.” I thought it pretty kick ass of him to rock the stage regardless. Of course his band didn’t technically abandon him, the other members have 9 to 5’s or family to attend to and let’s face it, performing at a cafe probably wasn’t at the top of their list. Lucky for me, We Became Owls is playing my favorite SF venue tonight @RickshawStop. Looking forward to experiencing the full band at an intimate venue.



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