A quirky indie darling + 80’s gay SF = Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws

A taste from “Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws” a collection of photos by Thomas Alleman

February 26, 2011: The first time I met Thomas “Tommy” Alleman, we drank a bowl, yes a bowl, of sangria at Thirsty Bear Brewery in San Francisco. After said bowl, my girlfriend and I proceeded to pitch our idea for being Tommy’s entourage slash PR firm. Tommy was excited to have two enthusiastic chicas brainstorm a drunken master plan on how we could make him notorious in the Bay. We had just witnessed Tommy’s brilliance showcased at RayKo Photo Studio in the SoMa. His work from the Sunshine & Noir collection blew us away. His photos have a way of consuming your brain, challenging it to look beyond the beauty of the image itself, and reflect upon how the light, speed, shadows, reflections form an interesting natural moment. Honestly, we were inspired.

Present day: I feel the magical Mr. Tommy Alleman’s moment in the Bays fabulous history has arrived! He’s showing a historical body of work from a place and time we all love for various reasons, the Castro in the 80s. Tommy is an OG to the Bay, he was in SF capturing the grit, flaunt, and horror of the happiest place on earth.

Let him blow your mind and inspire you with his brilliance and quirky charm, like he did mine at our very first ‘meet cute’.

What: Dancing in the Drangon’s Jaws by Thomas Alleman

When & Where: December 1, 2013 at San Francisco Public Library Jewett Gallery

Action: Donate some dinero to ensure the show happens and the photos are framed via kickstarter


Flickering thoughts, not yet blogable:

(Otherwise known as tweets!)

1. Just finished Junot Diaz, “This is how you lose her” is stunning! 2. Must listen to The xx album before seeing them live in PDX this weekend. 3. Cool, The Oh Sees are going to be in PDX on Monday?! 4. Funny that I’m jet-setting to watch The xx in PDX when they are headlining the most awesome bay festival: Treasure Island Music Festival, Oct 13+14. 5. By the by, The Oh Sees are SF’s own indie wonder, why am I going to see them for the first time in PDX? 6. Must read Cloud Atlas before the film diminishes its story.