SoundDetection: Taylor McFerrin

Just lovely. Most ear drum inspiring tracks on the album are those that have a strange female voice using her quirky accent to compliment a dope bass guitar, an indie electronic beat or a high hat crazy drum. Just lovely.

Give a listen: The Anecdote. Place in my Heart.


The gift of music…

Finally got to rock this dynamic duo last night in honor of Blood Orange. The Cupid Deluxe tour is as precious as it is rare.


@devhynes beauty and uniqueness are an incredible wonder to behold. If you think you love him and his outrageous girlfriend via social media, you’ll fall harder and deeper in love with their energy in person.


Folk is in the aire

We Became Owls @ Rickshaw Stop, SF

We Became Owls @ Rickshaw Stop, SF

It must be fate that I stumble upon Oakland’s own folk band in the midst of the dark witty folk-centric Coen Brothers movie debut, Inside Llewyn Davis.

I discovered We Became Owls¬†during my three month stint bartending at a local cafe slash indie music venue. It wasn’t We Became Owls so much as a one man acoustic stomp performance. Intriguing, I know. It was impressive and beautiful. Andrew Blair got on stage and simply said “my band abandoned me tonight.” I thought it pretty kick ass of him to rock the stage regardless. Of course his band didn’t technically abandon him, the other members have 9 to 5’s or family to attend to and let’s face it, performing at a cafe probably wasn’t at the top of their list. Lucky for me, We Became Owls is playing my favorite SF venue tonight @RickshawStop. Looking forward to experiencing the full band at an intimate venue.