Weekend Wanderings #1

Cerrudi Winery in Jack London Square, Oakland

Cerruti Cellars in Jack London Square, Oakland

The best thing about living in the Bay Area is the perpetual feeling of discovery. Since I’m keen to public transpo, most of my discovery comes along by foot. San Francisco itself has been called the most “walk-able” big city. My Weekend Wanderings series will document my wandering about the Town and City in pursuit of random inspiration and fun.

Weekend Wandering #1

My first weekend wandering discovered some amazing spots in Jack London Square, Oakland. First I brunched at new-bee Mexican restaurant Nido. Offering organic horchata, chilaquiles, and flavorful pork chops, I gladly co-sign on Nido’s brunch and dinner. Next I walked over to Cerruti Cellars that sits right on the tracks of Jack London Square which sets a “Stand by Me” mood. The space is lovely, a unique venue for a private event.


Rustic backdrop :: Hat by local designer Lendesigns :: scarf at Common in Oakland


“Blus” @ the Fillmore tonight


I keep hoping every time I’m in virtual line at ticketmaster.com that I will actually get a ticket to this show. Gary Clark Jr. will be playing his record Black and Blu, to my knowledge, for the first time in the Sco. I can picture him now, sweatin bullets in his customary raggedy t-shirt. Dude has the sweetest voice for a blues man. His guitar skills are bad ass and from what I’ve seen of his live shows, his improvisations make for “this is why I love live music” moments.

Listen to: “You saved me” on repeat. “Things are changing” is the reason I’ve been on Jr’s jock.

A tradition…día de los muertos

my dia de los muertos alter

Listen while you read: “Cucurrucuru Paloma” a beautiful song by Caetano Veloso

The last time I visited my grandfather “PapaChato”, a grey dove sat on a branch above his grave. The dove coued at my brother, father, and myself then flew away. I’ve never doubted that the dove was my PapaChato returning to our lives for a day and saying hello, or rather to reply to our question “Que pa so?” in his way “nada, nada pescadito”.

Every culture honors their departed loved ones in distinct ways, but I’ve always admired my Mexican tradition of día de los muertos because of its mystic qualities. It’s a celebration not a lament. Whether or not you believe in the ability for spirits to return to earth, you can’t deny the feeling when it happens to you. The dove returning gave me that feeling. I keep my tradition every year in the hopes that it will return again; as a dove, the owl, the moon, a dream or in whatever form PapaChato chooses.

My alter consists of my collage of photos, my Virgen de Guadalupe candle, purple flowers for my Grandma Lucha (purple was her favorite color), and a picture of my 4th birthday when my PapaChato saved me from a righteous ass whoopen. I mischievously covered my new dress in soot after playing in the ashes from the cabeza we cooked for my birthday celebration. PapaChato’s electric laughter stopped my mom in her tracks. Before you knew it we were all laughing and this photo shoot ensued.

Feliz día de los muertos my indieDarlings