SoundDetection: Taylor McFerrin

Just lovely. Most ear drum inspiring tracks on the album are those that have a strange female voice using her quirky accent to compliment a dope bass guitar, an indie electronic beat or a high hat crazy drum. Just lovely.

Give a listen: The Anecdote. Place in my Heart.


“Blus” @ the Fillmore tonight


I keep hoping every time I’m in virtual line at that I will actually get a ticket to this show. Gary Clark Jr. will be playing his record Black and Blu, to my knowledge, for the first time in the Sco. I can picture him now, sweatin bullets in his customary raggedy t-shirt. Dude has the sweetest voice for a blues man. His guitar skills are bad ass and from what I’ve seen of his live shows, his improvisations make for “this is why I love live music” moments.

Listen to: “You saved me” on repeat. “Things are changing” is the reason I’ve been on Jr’s jock.