Catch 22 Affairs

Listen while you read: by Poliça “Amongster” “The Maker

It’s bittersweet when your favorite indie band is featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy a year after you first heard them.

It begs the question: where would Feist be without Grey’s Anatomy or Apple? Would you know her? Would I?

I grumble at the fact that Little Dragon and Tennis were both featured on the TV shows last two episodes. It’s like the end of a long, all consuming affair. The feeling of something you truly felt belonged only to you, is gone. You thought you were the only one. They played only for you.

I just discovered Poliça on last weeks Grey’s Anatomy episode. I heard Amongster and as usual, my ears perked up at the sweet sound of a mini indie symphony. The funny thing is, I swear I saw the name Poliça pop up on one of my live alerts and thought how is that pronounced? I wonder if they’re any good?

If only Poliça’s indie seal had been broken on Grey’s sooner, I would have been able to see them live. And thus the catch 22 of an indieDarling.