Weekend Wanderings #4

The Bay Area is full of interesting things to do, but are there really enough interesting things that both parents and children dig? The answer is, yes, by way of two options: sheer luck or succumbing to the overwhelming effort of joining a thriving network of savvy parents. Weekend Wandering #4 was a product of the first. During our ritual Saturday farmer’s market, my roommate and I were randomly given a flyer for the 5th Annual Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival. We were surprised that the film fest even existed, but more disappointed by its little following and lack of promotion. It can be hard for hip parents to find these types of events. Coming up on a children’s film festival is a delight, especially when awkward playground playdates are the norm.

I, of course honed in on the unique fashion choices the little festival goers stunted. I saw red skinny jeans, leopard fur coats, mixing prints, leather and tutus. These little fashion lovers made me reminisce on my childhood: bedroom floor hidden under discarded clothes. Everything in perfect chaotic order, a catalogued system only decipherable by me. Changing six, even seven times a day to coordinate my activity and mood. Real talk, nothing has changed.

The films, cute and interesting. The fashion unordinary. The short films were definitely the highlight, among our favorites were:

“Papa Cloudy”
“Adventures of a cardboard box”
“Le fenetre/ The window”

Glad we found this little indie event.



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