Eat Real in Oakland

“Not highly edited… For freaking real this was just the sunset over the Eat Real Festival” Photo and commentary by: Joe Kostelink

THIS picture should be the official Oakland Eat Real Festival poster. Tell me you don’t wish you had been there! This was the scene just as the sun was setting. If you check the facebook feeds of all your Oakland or East Bay friends around 7 p.m. last night, you’ll see a lot of folks were dazzled by the same sight. But THIS photo kills them all.

What you missed :: There is still time to experience Eat Real Festival, but let’s be clear you missed out on a one of kind opening night. People gathered around haystacks and a stage full of local beer legends for the Master Brewer panel discussions. We heard the thoughts and sometimes rants about what is truly “local”, collaborating with peers, personal stories of entrepreneurship and underage drinking. I don’t pretend to understand or fully appreciate the details of the discussion, but if you’re anywhere on the spectrum from “I drink beer” to “I live beer” then you’ll want to experience the knowledge for yourself. Lucky for you, the panel was recorded and I’ll re-post the link once it’s up.

The highlight and most ridiculous question from the panel was when moderator, Sayre Piotrkowski asked Homer Smith of Oak Barrel Winecraft “what if you had been a dick!?” THAT, Homer is not, which is why the entire panel and audience had a good laugh. But the point was, the panel tribute to Homer is well deserved. If not for his vision as a home brewer, but for his willingness to encourage and inspire the aspiring which included the master brewers on stage. All I can say is I was inspired and excited to be surrounded by original, down to earth experts who love what they do. Here’s a recap of the who and what of the Master Brewer Panel to hold you over until the recording is live.

Shameless plug for Moonlight Brewery: I’ve said this before, Death & Taxes is the best beer on the planet. Feel free to disagree with me, but you will just make yourself look like an ass. This tasty beverage is available at the Beer Shed all weekend at Oakland Eat Real Festival.

Eat Real my indieDarlings



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