Atlas? Genius!

Atlas Genius EP “Through the Glass”

Aussie band Atlas Genius is on my radar! Each band member is on their game. Keys, bass, and especially the drummer. Normally the sticks just sit there robotically, and who can blame them, that shit is tough! Atlas drummer was feeling the jam just as much as the eager crowd. I’m a sucker for the acoustic solo. So it all elevated when the lead singer pulled his out. “Back Seat” was also a favorite and of course “Trojans” was electric.

Rickshaw Stop and its promoter Popscene-sf have consistently delivered legit acts making it one of my favorite places in the city to hang. So much so, I’ll even go it alone. Something I typically only do for movies. Within the last few months I’ve witnessed Bombay Bicycle Club, Blood Orange, Atlas Genius, and Animal Kingdom all making their SF debuts. All except Blood Orange, were also on their first U.S. Tour. Not to mention these shows never leave your pockets flat! I still can’t believe I paid $12 dollars to watch BBC! Makes me feel guilty because it’s the bands I admire I would want to pay a pretty penny and help their bottom line. But more money comes shitty venues. I’d love to see Atlas Genius and BBC make it big, but then they’d be playing Oracle Arena, and that, I am not a fan of.

Live snippets from the show :: Atlas Genius performing “Trojans” + Animal Kingdom performing “White Sparks”



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