Another fabulous beer event with a CAUSE

CAUSE we love CommonWealth + Oakland

CAUSE we love Oakland peeps helping Oakland peeps. Be one of them.

I never had a chance to sit down and enjoy the pub experience at CommonWealth in Oakland, but they obviously had a unique thing going before having to close their doors due to a fire. Some friends who work(ed) at CommonWealth swear by its greatness and believe in the leadership. That’s enough for me to be excited about visiting once they’re able to re-open.

Helping them achieve that is where we (Oakland + Bay Area + beer lovers + people who eat food outside our homes) join the equation. Local brewers, foodies, one beer guru, and a delicious venue (which I shamefully just tried for the first time and was blown away) are joining forces and hosting a beer dinner to raise funds to help a worthy business re-open their doors sooner rather than later.

I’m excited to try the Smoked Trout Salad w/ Asparagus and Hop Vinaigrette paired with “Urban People’s Common Lager” from Linden Street. Whoa!

Where: Hawker Fare, 2300 Webster St, Oakland Ca | When: Sunday, Sept 9 – Starts at 6:30 pm | Hosted by: Linden Street Brewing Co, Dying Vines Brewing Co, Beer and Soul Certified Cicerone Sayre Piotrkowski

Get your details, menu, and tickets here.



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