One animal print at a time

comfy top + flashy leopard bottoms = brilliant casual fit

For so long I’ve drawn the line at wearing animal prints for fear of looking outrageously unsophisticated or cougar-ish. The farthest I’ve gone is a scarf or other minimal accessories. A recent encounter with Joe’s Wild leopard print skinny jeans made me rethink my judgments on the jungle textile.

Rule #1 | Don’t commit to a purchase unless you can picture the outfit in your head right then and there.

Otherwise the garment will sadly hang in your closet until you have the ganas to wear it. Every friday night when you stare at your wardrobe deciding what to wear, you’ll glance over at the impulse purchase and even if you’re feeling more brave than beige, if you don’t have something to pair it with, you’ll end up bowing out and going for something safe instead. Finally, you’ll either shamefully return it or give it away to a more adventurous or tacky friend. At least they’ll give it some play.

While shopping, I nervously surveyed the Wild leopard skinny jeans and thought “let’s just try them on” and I was immediately inspired with ideas! I thought they’d be great paired with my favorite comfy, cheap white tank top under an unbuttoned jean colored boyfriend shirt with sleeves rolled up. I’d tip them off with my tan oxford booties and a simple lace bra to give that effortless appeal and ta-da! An edgy, yet casual leopard print outfit is born. As long as you wear one animal print at a time, no one will confuse your edginess for unsophistication.

Have fun with your style my indieDarlings



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